Public Meeting, House of Commons,

Thursday October 18, 6.30-8pm, Committee Room 6

Speakers: Caroline Lucas MP; Kate Hudson  (CND); Amrit Wilson (South Asia Solidarity Group); Dr Frank Boulton (Medact);  Speaker from People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy, Koodankulam (via internet)


  • In Koodankulam India, a Tsunami and earthquake prone zone, a non-violent mass movement is resisting the activation of a nuclear power plant which violates the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Safety Guidelines. The Indian state has militarised the entire area and charged 55,000 peaceful protestors with criminal offences including 8000 with sedition.
  • In Hinkley in Somerset, a concerted peaceful struggle is taking place to prevent the setting up of the largest nuclear reactor in Britain– the first in 20 years, and the dumping of UK’s stockpile of high level nuclear waste at Hinkley Point.

  • Why, at a time when the rest of Europe is turning away from nuclear power, is Britain adding to its 18 nuclear power and nuclear dumping sites, with four more nuclear power plants planned by 2019? Why is David Cameron actively exporting civil nuclear technology to India, a country with an abysmal industrial safety record?
  • Who benefits? Why is global solidarity between people resisting nuclear power plants crucial?

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