Carlene Firmin (Principal Policy Advisor at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, OCC) on the findings of the OCC inquiry into child sexual exploitation in gangs and groups, the experiences of Black and minority ethnic victims and perpetrator profiling and data recording
Zlakha Ahmed (Director of Apna Haq Rotherham a Black, South Asian and minority ethnic women’s organisation which provides services to women facing violence) on the experiences and invisibility of Black and minority ethnic survivors of grooming, the denial across society about the extent of child sexual abuse and the ways in which media and community leaders shape discourse
Amrit Wilson (Freedom Without Fear Platform) on the changing policies on violence against women and girls in the context of austerity and privatisation, the increased role of the Criminal Justice System, as a preventative approach is abandoned in favour of one based on pursuing and punishing perpetrators, and the impact of the National Security agendas of the British state
Chair: Camille Kumar

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