• Rishi Sunak will intensify racism and poverty, and strengthen Hindutva fascism in the UK and globally

    Statement by South Asia Solidarity Group Rishi Sunak is being celebrated as UK’s first Asian Prime Minister, so just what is his identity and how will it affect his domestic and foreign policies? As the richest man in Parliament, twice as rich as King Charles, with an eye-wateringly expensive education in private schools followed by

    October 25, 2022
  • Pakistan flood solidarity protest – drop the debt

    #PakistanIsOurStory #ClimateReparations #climatereparationsforpakistan #EndFossilFuels #FloodinPakistan #climatesolidarity #revolutionaryreparations

    September 9, 2022
  • Science Museum’s India Lates event

    We attended the Science Museum’s India Lates event on 31 August 2022 as part of the Fossil Fuel Science Museum coalition. Here we are explaining to artist Chila Kumari Burman and Sir Ian Blatchford about the insidious role the Science Museum is playing in enabling the Adani brand to greenwash its environmental crimes and whitewash

    September 1, 2022
  • Letter to artists at the Science Museum’s ‘India Lates’ event

     Dear Chila, Amish, Lucy and Monish,We are progressive artists, writers and academics writing to you out of concern that you are involved in the Science Museum’s Lates event which this month is about India. We urge you as highly reputed artists to show your support to the people of the global south including India and

    August 31, 2022